About KRB

KRB’s owner, Karl Brook, has over 35 years of experience in the fields of reconstruction, damage repair and restoration. He learned from the best in the business, as well as working closely with professional hygienists. Now he has a company to specifically service those needs,  KRB Flood and Fire Restoration, Inc.

KRB provides emergency response services to calls from floods and fires and has responded to many residential, commercial and hotel disasters.  KRB is equipped with the knowledge to handle both small and large jobs with experienced service and state-of-the-art equipment to handle any situation.

Floods and fires are serious disasters that can damage your home in minutes. The restoration work, on the other hand, takes money, time and effort to return it back to you. With that in mind, KRB is a fire repair contractor and water damage expert that can make the aftermath of those events much less severe with attentive service and expert restoration efforts.

Fire Repair Contractor

According to the National Fire Prevention Association statistics, fire departments respond to house fires approximately every 86 seconds. Besides that, roughly seven people perish daily in house fires.

This figure enlightens us that house fires are common occurrences. Even though this statistic not something people want to think about, this information should alert us to the potential for home fires and how we can respond in case of emergency.

In case of a fire, you should have a fire repair contractor’s number in your phone. You can put the number under “Fire repair” to have it ready in case fire damage happens to you or a loved one.  Put it in your phone now:  “KRB Flood and Fire Restoration: 310 766-5555.”

A good fire repair contractor, such as KRB, can make it look like the damage never occurred. And it’s just a call away.

Water Damage Restoration

Without a doubt, a flood is one of the deadliest and most devastating events a person can experience. Not only has flooding taken countless lives, but it’s also ruined many homes beyond repair.

Of course, floods cause a lot of water related issues, but water damage doesn’t only come from floods. Sometimes it can happen when you least expect it. Water damage also can occur from these other sources:

  • frozen and leaking pipes
  • leaking roof
  • broken hoses
  • plumbing issues
  • underground water leakage

Water damage repair seems like a horrible inconvenience, but when you hire a professional water damage and fire repair contractor like KRB, you are in good hands.  They will repair the damage and return your home back to normal condition.

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If you’ve experienced a fire or flood damage, don’t despair. Call KRB, the best local fire repair contractor and water damage restoration company in the Los Angeles area!