Gets back to you immediately

Gerry W. ( Los Angeles, CA )

Karl of KRB Construction is the most incredibly knowledgeable and honest contractor I have ever met. How many contractors don't call you back? Not Karl. He gets back to you immediately. Karl went way out of his way to help me where another contractor screwed up on a previous job. Karl has so much experience and knowledge that he fixed the problem the other contractor couldn't figure out. He is professional all the way. He did an excellent job fixing my wall where there was water damage. He took care of the mold and brought in an expert to make sure everything was safe. I can't say enough good things about KRB construction. I HIGHLY recommend Karl.

KRB tore apart and remodeled our entire basement

Teri B. ( Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA )

We have a 50-year-old home and we had a lot of water damage and mold issues which led us to start the project. KRB tore apart and remodeled our entire basement. They replaced my entire main sewer line throughout the house because it had completely crumbled. They remodeled two bathrooms and a partial remodel on our living room. They painted, tiled, installed windows in addition to everything else.

The best part of the whole experience was the level of professionalism they displayed. They were always on time and always cleaned up their mess on a daily basis. Karl and his foreman were amazing communicators and I really have not had a better experience with a contractor. Their work is also phenomenal. We will absolutely use them in the future.

KRB Flood and Fire is an outstanding company

Eyal S. ( Los Angeles, CA )

KRB Flood and Fire is an outstanding company with an outstanding business model. I have a storefront on Ventura blvd in Sherman Oaks and they were able to solve the flooding issue I had back when it was raining.

I highly recommend this company if you have flooding issues!

I was very impressed with his knowledge of the construction

Ron M. ( Upland, CA )

I met Karl several years ago and I was very impressed with his knowledge of the construction trade. The job I met him on was a condominium that had major water damage. The owner lived out of state and Karl handled all of the typical issues that arise as if the owner was standing right next to him. He described the extent of the water damage, gave the owner a bid to do the work in a timely manner.
The owner hired Karl and Karl got his guys on the job quickly. All of the guys on his crew were very friendly and professional. I did the mold inspection for the buyer (buyers real estate agent) and I then explained what I wanted done to repair the water damaged areas with Karl and he did everything without any quarreling.
I have since worked many jobs with Karl and every job has been completed in a timely manner above and beyond the owners expectation(s).

KRB Construction will improve your Home

Cat S. ( Los Angeles, CA )

If you are in need of KRB Construction, you are probably not having a good day, but using KRB Construction will improve it immensely. Karl and Beverly and their entire team are lovely. Karl is so calm and reassuring that everything is being handled, it gave me peace. I knew that everything was not only being handled in the best possible way, but if something else was discovered, it would be brought to my attention and discussed for a "Best Plan of Action". KRB does an excellent job and are true professionals. Their work is flawless and I recommend them to one and all!

KRB for Flood and Fire Restoration are very educated

Sarah B. ( Santa Monica, CA )

KRB for Flood and Fire Restoration are so educated and know just the right way to get a Job done. Very Thorough and wont take any short cuts. I recommended them to a very Large job and not only are they doing a fantastic job but they are doing it all in record time ! I can not believe all the mold remediation they are having to do on this job ! My client has told me that they are so glad that they met Karl because he is going way above and beyond their expectations. Thumbs UP !!!

Helped me fixed all the water damaged and more

Eddie B. ( Santa Monica, CA )

KRB Flood and Fire restoration, helped me fixed all the water damaged and more

Recently I was thrown into a restoration situation and was in dire need of up restoration company.

After doing some research and some homework I ended up with KRB Construction

I work and own a company that manages residential and commercial buildings in the Los Angeles area.

Every minute counts when you have a flood in a building.
The quick response of Karl, Beverly and crew was amazing.

They come to the rescue with the right solution for the job. All the residents were very pleased with the rapid response from them and were very happy with the work they did in there units.

Floods and accidents will always be unpredictable but when they do occur it's nice to know that we can count on KRB Construction to take care of it.

No job is too big or too small for KRB construction, I strongly recommend them.
And I have pictures to show before and after of every job the have done for me.

Thank you Karl, Beverly and your AMAZING CREW!!!

Did whatever we ask them to do...

Hank Y. ( Encino, CA )

Karl Brook and his crew did the three things we needed:
1- Show up on time
2 - Do the job better than expected
3- Come in on budget.
We had a pretty nasty event to deal with and KRB was spot on perfect.

Very quick to respond to my flooded home

Bob S. ( Beverly Hills, CA )

KRB Flood and Fire Restoration was very quick to respond to my flooded home, and they had all the specialized equipment for pumping out the water and to dry out the interior of my property. He also did the complete restoration and put it back together like new. I know Karl through his construction company, and he has done various jobs for me over the years. If you have a flood, he and his crew are quick to know what to do in an emergency situation and I would refer him highly.