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KRB FLOOD AND FIRE understands how much your personal and business belongings means to you. You can feel confident that we’ll give your personal items the utmost care and attention. Our Content Restoration team will assess all items to determine the extent of any water damage. Having specialized equipment and techniques, they’ll restore all salvageable objects including carpet, furniture, and wood flooring to their pre-disaster condition.

When water damage strikes, after the safety of you and your family, the next concern becomes the security of your personal items. Our goal is to secure your belongings with attention and organization. Content restoration is one of the many areas that KRB FLOOD AND FIRE specializes in.  We understand that you value your property, and we treat the content restoration process with great care. Our team of professionals will evaluate all items to assess the extent of damage, and they will safeguard all salvageable items and store them for safekeeping and short-term storage.

If you have been a victim of a water disaster or a major flood or fire, it may be unsafe for you to stay in your home or business. If you need to relocate, you will need some personal items.  You just give KRB FLOOD AND FIRE technicians a list what you need, and they will retrieve these before packing up your contents.

The next step would be to protect your undamaged belongings. These will be photographed and itemized after being checked for any potential damage. They will then be carefully packaged and moved to a safe and secure storage location.

KRB Provides Video and Photo Documentation

It is vital to video your flood damage before and during the dryout procedure. In some instances, your insurance does not visit on the first day.  It may be several days before they arrive on site.  This video helps in documenting what occurred for the insurance to be properly informed, and it also assists our restoration crews on where items were placed and how to place your personal property back when restoration is completed.

The next step will be the damage to the home and contents. We would proceed with starting the water extraction, drying, and content restoration. If tear-out and demolition are necessary, reconstruction services will be required.  KRB CONSTRUCTION, a division of KRB FLOOD AND FIRE RESTORATION handles this area of specialty and has 30 years of experience in the industry.


When an emergency strikes, call KRB FLOOD AND FIRE RESTORATION at 310 766-5555.  We Take Charge of your Emergency!

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