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If your home is suffering from water damage, mold can begin to grow quickly. Along with manifesting serious health risks, mold feeds on natural materials that can compromise a building’s interior structure.

Mold isn’t easily eliminated or controlled. Treating it with household disinfectants and cleaners may mask the problem, but mold is comprised of thousands of microscopic spores, which can travel through the air, infiltrating unseen areas, and continuing to reproduce. If you try to paint over the mold, it’s only a temporary solution.  The mold will continue to multiply under the newly painted surface, and within a relatively short time the paint will peel as the mold continues to manifest and grow.

Health Risks resulting from Mold

There are many types of mold.  Black mold is toxic. Mold can create allergic reactions and asthma symptoms, upper respiratory problems, skin rashes, and flu-like symptoms. Infants, children, pregnant women, and elderly people with a compromised immune system may be affected more severely by mold.

When you have a source of water that continually forms and gets areas wet or damp, mold removal and remediation is necessary to avoid health risks and costly damage. KRB FLOOD AND FIRE RESTORATION professionals specialize in identifying mold and performs highly effective mold remediation techniques. We do everything we can to protect your property.

A mold remediation specialist will arrive promptly after your call, identify the source of the mold, and assess the extent of invasion and remediate it.

  1. We will have a third-party mold testing company prepare a formal mold report by an LA certified lab.

  2. We will contain the area with air encapsulation walls to prevent the escape of mold spores.

  3. We will determine what caused the mold to occur.

  4. We will proceed to fix what caused the mold.

  5. Any contaminated items by mold will be safely discarded from the property.

  6. We will perform a thorough dry-out process using cutting-edge equipment.

  7. All affected areas will be treated with mold remediation procedures.

  8. Third-party clearance testing will determine that the area is mold-free and restored to a safe environment.


Call KRB FLOOD AND FIRE for mold emergencies at 310 766-5555!

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