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Document Restoration

Lost documents can have very important information.  It can be legal or medical paperwork, hours of hard work, a rare book, or a collector’s item.

KRB FLOOD AND FIRE understands the importance of the documents you possess. Damaged documents need immediate response.  Upon your call, KRB FLOOD AND FIRE designates your specialized team in motion to respond to the emergency.  Your restoration experts begins by assessing the damaged documents and preparing a plan of action. Items are inventoried, photographed, and prioritized. Whether your documents are medical, legal, or historical, your team of experts is prepared to mitigate the damage and restore your important papers.


KRB FLOOD AND FIRE understands that potentially sensitive or confidential documents must be treated with a great deal of care. A team of professionals works to properly alleviate damage and conceive a plan to restore your documents to their best condition as possible.


Services for Document Restoration

Services include manual cleaning, freezing, freeze drying, reproduction, copying, re-jacketing, boxing, storing and labeling.

Prior to removal of any documents from a property, a thorough evaluation of documents is performed to establish proper methods and steps necessary to properly restore the document. We will not remove any documents from a property that may not be restorable unless authorized by the client to attempt restoration.

Inventory and Stabilizing Documents

An accurate inventory of all documents is performed to account for everything removed from the home or business. We can either perform on-site restoration or off-site inventory and storage of items. 

Stabilization is an important part in restoration as it limits further damage during the process of restoration. We are equipped with document freezing capabilities. These freezers stabilize documents impacted by water, humidity, moisture and/or mold.

Content Pack-up and Storage

Our document specialists will document, pack and move documents to the document restoration facility. Great measures are taken to limit further damage to the documents during this process. We adhere to strict procedures to protect your documents. If not handled correctly, documents may continue to deteriorate. Our team is trained to handle many types of materials and the challenges that each poses.


The methods of restoration can vary depending on the type of document being restored. Books, newspapers, photographs and medical files may all have a different method depending on the source and extent of damage. We have trained specialists ready to assist your document restoration needs.


Give KRB FLOOD AND FIRE a call at 310 766-5555 for your document restoration needs.

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