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Fire Damage


Fire damage can be a very horrific experience. Fires create structural damage, water damage from firemen extinguishing a fire, roof damage, plumbing and electrical damage, smoke resin damage, and many other problems. It is important that you act quickly and call a reputable fire damage repair company like KRB FLOOD AND FIRE RESTORATION.  We are experts in repairing your home or business due to damage caused by smoke and fire.


When a fire emergency occurs, the fire department arrives on scene, and they perform destructive damage in order to fight a fire.  This could include opening up holes in the roof, breaking out doors and windows, and can include cutting holes in walls and floors.  In most instances, your power supply is cut off.  In their efforts to fight a fire, they can douse your home with hundreds of gallons of water which adds water damage on top of the fire. 

Water, Smoke and Soot Damage

In addition to water damage soaking into furniture, building materials and flooring, water damage can cause mold, which can eventually cause serious health risks and structural damage. Water damage and mold demands immediate attention, as it becomes more costly the longer it stays non-remediated.

Smoke can penetrate through porous surfaces including wood, fabrics and carpet. The odor of smoke isn’t easy to eradicate because, like soot, it often creeps into hard to find places. Effective removal entails deep cleaning procedures, disinfecting, decontaminating, and deodorizing surfaces. Smoke damage to your property permeates easily and leaves soot behind. Soot can be found in attic spaces, under the sub-floor, in cabinetry, behind drywall, and gets inside heating and air conditioning units.  This can spread soot to unaffected areas of the home through the HVAC system.

Call KRB FLOOD AND FIRE RESTORATION when you have a fire at 310 766-5555. 

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